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I am always happy to give help and advice. However, I also get a large number of questions which are already answered on my site, and which indicate that the sender has not looked very hard. If you ask such questions, you will promptly be referred back to the site - life is too short to spend hours repeating myself. Please do not take offence - I realise that the site contains a very large amount of information - but at a busy time I might be a bit short if you clearly have not explored the site at all.

Please include the word 'coin' or 'coins' in the subject line of your email. The absence of this word may result in your email being deleted automatically.

You may send scans or photos of your coin(s), but please ensure that they are in a standard jpeg format. Do NOT send Winmail attachments (I cannot read them), but I can read Word and Excel documents.

I do answer all emails that are received. However, a number are blocked by spamtraps on my machine (use the word 'coin' in your subject line to help avoid this) and a number have been bounced by the recipient's ISP ( have recently been guilty of this).

If any of the following type of questions come to mind, please click on the appropriate link:

  1. How much is my UK coin worth?
  2. How much is my Foreign (non-UK) coin worth?
  3. Please will you value my coin/collection
  4. How best can I sell my coin/collection?
  5. Please will you buy my coin/collection.....
  6. A TV program said my two pence coin with NEW PENCE on it is rare.
  7. I have been told that my two pound coin where the Queen has a necklace is worth a lot.

If you wish to ask for other advice, and you have searched my site carefully first, feel free to mail me , but please remember to include the word 'coin' in your subject line or your missive may end up in my junk file!


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Other Advice

World Of Coins is by far the best chatroom dealing with coins from throughout the world.

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