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by Tony Clayton

Thirty Shillings

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Fine Sovereign

Mary I

Fine Sovereign

Mary (sole rule 1553-1554), fine sovereign dated MDLIII (1853)
Mintmark pomegranate. S2488
Courtesy of Spink.

Elizabeth I

Elizabeth Fine Sovereign

Fifth Issue Fine Sovereign, mintmark tun
Courtesy of Spink


James I

Rose Ryal

Second coinage Rose Ryal (revalued at 33s in 1612)
Mintmark mullet/coronet (1611-12). S.2613.
Courtesy of Spink

Rose Ryal

Third coinage Rose Ryal (1619-1625)
Ornate back to throne, mintmark spur rowell.
Courtesy of Spink


I readily acknowledge the kind permission given by Spink of London and Jean ELSEN & ses Fils of Brussels to use images from their website auction catalogues.


Sovereigns (1817-present) <<-- : -->> The Two Pounds/Guineas

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