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by Tony Clayton

Decimal Crowns

The Decimal Two Pound <<-- : -->> Post-1971 Gold Coins

History of the Decimal Crowns
Values of the Decimal Crowns

Decimal Crowns - Twentyfive Pence

Silver Wedding Crown

Silver Wedding Crown, 1972

Silver Wedding Crown

Proof Silver Wedding Crown, 1972
From the 1972 Proof Set
Author's collection

Silver Jubilee Crown

Silver Jubilee Crown, 1977

Queen Mother's 80th Birthday Crown

Queen Mother's 80th Birthday Crown, 1980

Charles & Diana Wedding Crown

Charles & Diana Wedding Crown, 1981

Decimal Crowns - Five Pound Coins

QM's 90th Birthday Crown

1990, Queen Mother's 90th Birthday

40th Ann'y of Coronation

1993, 40th Anniversary of the Queen's Coronation

QEII's 70th Birthday Crown

1996, QEII's 70th Birthday Crown

Golden Wedding Crown

1997, Golden Wedding Crown

Prince of Wales Crown

1998, 50th Birthday of the Prince of Wales Crown

Diana Crown

1999, Diana Memorial Crown

Millenium Crown

1999, Millenium Crown

QM's 100th Birthday Crown

2000, Queen Mother's 100th Birthday

Queen Victoria Crown

2001, Centenary of death of Queen Victoria

Golden Jubilee Crown

2002, Golden Jubilee of Accession Crown

Death of Queen Mother Crown

2002, Death of the Queen Mother
Courtesy of The Royal Mint

Golden Jubilee Crown

2003, Golden Jubilee of Coronation Crown

Entente Cordiale Crown

2004, Entente Cordiale Crown

2005 Trafalgar Crown

2005, Trafalgar Crown

2006 QE2 80th birthday Crown

2006 QE2 80th Birthday Crown
Proof, reverse

2007 QE2 Diamond Wedding Crown

2007 Diamond Wedding Crown

2008 QE1 Commemorative Crown

2008 450th Anniversary of the Accession of Queen Elizabeth I
Proof, reverse

2008 Prince of Wales Crown

2008 60th Birthday of Charles, Prince of Wales
Proof, reverse

2009 Olympics Crown

2009 Countdown to London 2012
Scanned in the official folder

2009 Henry VIII

2009 Henry VIII Accession Crown, proof

2010 monarchy

2010 Restoration of the Monarchy Crown, proof

2011 Philip

2011 90th Birthday of Prince Philip Crown, proof

2012 Jubilee

2012 Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II

2012 Paralympics

2012 Paralympics


2013 60th Anniversary of the Coronation


2013 Christening of Prince George
Courtesy of The Royal Mint


2014 Queen Anne Commemoration
Courtesy of The Royal Mint


It is difficult to get good scans of the more recent crowns as they tend to be struck from polished dies rather than the more matt versions used for circulating coins. Personally I believe this is a pity, as the frosting is attractive. Proof coins have the design frosted, which gives a better contrast.


The Decimal Two Pound <<-- : -->> Post-1971 Gold Coins
History of the Decimal Crowns
Values of the Decimal Crowns
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