Pictures of Coins of the UK

by Tony Clayton

Coins of George III

One Guinea

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1764 guinea

1764 guinea, second head
Courtesy of Spink

1772 guinea

1772 guinea, third head
Courtesy of Spink

1774 guinea

1774 guinea, fourth head
Courtesy of Spink

1790 guinea

1790 (Spade) guinea, fifth head
Courtesy of Jean ELSEN & ses Fils S.A.

Gaming token

A brass Gaming Token in the style of a Spade Guinea
Note the impossible date and incorrect inscription, used to prevent execution of the manufacturer for counterfeiting

Courtesy of Bill Stainthorpe

1798 pattern guinea

1798 gilt copper pattern guinea, clearly Soho style
Courtesy of Martin Platt

1798 pattern guinea

1798 gold pattern guinea, by Kuchler
About 10 examples known
Courtesy of Spink

1813 guinea

1813 (Military) guinea, sixth head
Courtesy of Spink

1813 pattern guinea

Proof Pattern 1813 guinea, by Thomas Wyon
Courtesy of Spink

One Sovereign

1817 sovereign

1817 sovereign, descending colon before REX
Courtesy of Jean ELSEN & ses Fils S.A.

1820 sovereign

1820 sovereign, ascending colon before REX
Courtesy of Jean ELSEN & ses Fils S.A.


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