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Coins of George III

Half Penny

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1770 halfpenny

1770 halfpenny, first head.
Courtesy of Spink

1772 halfpenny

1772 halfpenny, first head.
Courtesy of Spink

1774 halfpenny

1774 halfpenny, second head.
Courtesy of Spink

1775 halfpenny

1775 halfpenny, 18th Century forgery for use in North America
The so-called 'skeletal' drapery type
Courtesy of Spink

1788 pattern halfpenny

1788 gilt pattern halfpenny by Droz
Courtesy of Martin Platt

Jean Pierre Droz (1746-1823) was a well-known Swiss medallist and engraver who trained in France. In 1786 he struck a pattern of Louis XVI with an edge inscription produced by a new type of collar. This attracted the attention of Matthew Boulton, who persuaded Droz to visit England in 1787 and to work for him at the Soho Mint in 1788. There Droz effected mechanical improvements to Boulton's coining machinery and cut dies for some patterns for the English coinage. He left Boulton and went to France in the spring of 1791 and was appointed Keeper of the Mint Museum there.

1795 pattern halfpenny

Pattern Soho halfpenny, 1795, Peck 1054.
Courtesy of Spink

1797 pattern halfpenny

Early Soho gilt copper pattern halfpenny, 1797, Peck 1156.
Courtesy of Spink

1797 pattern halfpenny

Early Soho pattern halfpenny, 1797, Peck 1157.
Courtesy of Spink

1799 pattern halfpenny

1799 pattern halfpenny, Peck 1258.
Courtesy of Martin Platt

1799 halfpenny

1799 halfpenny.
Courtesy of Tony O'Connor

1805 pattern halfpenny

1805 bronzed pattern halfpenny.
Courtesy of Spink

1806 halfpenny

1806 proof halfpenny.
Courtesy of Spink


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